Interactive Photo Entertainment Services

CEG Interactive is one of Southern California’s most experienced photo entertainment companies!

Our clients include American Idol, State Farm, Cartoon Network, Teen Choice Awards, Facebook, Qualcomm, Nickelodeon, as well as over one thousand local families who have trusted us with their special event in the past 12 years!

We offer over 3 dozen unique photo and video entertainment services that range from the simple and affordable to the extremely custom and elaborate. These offerings typically vary in price depending on the service(s) selected, your event date, number of guests, and the overall scope of our involvement.

We encourage you to contact us for a personalized consultation and a competitive price quote!

Our best sellers are:

HD Photo Booth

Photo Graffiti Wall

Green Screen Photography

Slow Motion Photo Booth

Multi Camera Photo Array (AKA Bullet Time Photo Booth)

360 Photo Station (AKA Human Turntable Photo Booth)

Classic Photo Booth



We also feature a constantly-growing variety of unique event photography solutions that need something a little more unique.

  • Custom Color Photo Booth: We create a custom “color recipe” that will make your photos go way beyond the typical “color” or “B&W”! Choices include vibrant color toning to dramatic high contrast monochrome.
  • #Hashtag Photo Booth: A great add-on to nearly any of our booth options. Guests can share photos along with an official party hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and our system collects them, plays them in a live slide show, and offers instant printing for your guests!
  • 3D Photo Booth: A true 2-camera, 3D experience! It prints a normal color photo for normal viewing as well as a special “anaglyphic” print that is accompanied by a pair of 3D glasses. The glasses even make a fun party prop!
  • Andy Warhol Photo Booth: Just like it sounds! We take your photo and then instantly print you a pop culture masterpiece all your own!
  • Light Paint Photo Booth: As featured at American Idol’s finale party last year, we bring a black 10×10 enclosure that allows guests to do real light painting at your event. Smile, the flash goes off, and then you have 10 seconds to “light paint” with the LED wand or glow stick of your choice from our giant collection.
  • Slow Motion Photo Booth: We film 8 second cinema-quality videos of your guests partying and play instant replays in SUPER slow motion. All the footage from the event is combined into a recap video set to a fun party song from the evening!
  • Photo Graffiti Wall: Snap a photo, digitally spray paint on our giant screen, and we print your creations instantly!
  • Photo Graffiti Touch: Same as above but presented on a giant digital flat screen (instead of a projection screen).
  • Red Carpet Paparazzi Photo: Make it a scene when you and your guests arrive to the hottest party in town! Red carpet, velvet ropes, step-and-repeat backdrops, and a swarm of photo-hungry paparazzos!
  • Interactive Green Screen Photo: We take your photo and then transform it into any number of immersive digital scenes. We can even place digital props, hats, characters, etc… dynamically into the scene with you!
  • Photo Flip Book: We turn your 8 second skit into a high quality printed photo flip book party favor that will allow your guests to re-live the fun for years to come!
  • 3D Lenticular Photos: We take 2 shots of you, superimpose fun digital backgrounds, and print them with a special lenticular covering that allows you to “flip” your print between the two images. It’s like magic!
  • Animated GIF Photos: Animated GIFs are all the rage on social media sites and we help make your own. Turn any sequence of photo booth photos into a fun little digital file perfect for sharing!
  • Giant iPad: Interactive tablet-style apps and games played on our GIANT multi-touch LED flat screen! Your iPhone is 4 inches, this thing is UP TO 80 inches!!!
  • Live Photo Slide Show: Screens can be set up anywhere in the venue that play an ever-growing rotation of all the fun shots from the photo booth(s) at your event! It’s a great way for everyone to instantly share the fun!
  • Social Media Upload Station: Guests Facebook, Tweet, Pin, TXT, and/or Email their photo creation just moments after receiving their printout. You no longer have to wait a day to retrieve and share your digital image from an online gallery!