High Definition Photo Booth Rentals with STRIKING color/B&W image quality, optional  photo effects, and a sleek brand-able design.

HD Booth emplys the open-concept design which allows for a variety of backdrop options and the capability to for larger group sessions. The HD Booth prints a variety of different photo strip layouts in about 10 seconds following the session. The one new twist with this system are the pro photography filters that allow us to create a limitless number of different photo filters and specialty effects.

Introducing our latest Hollywood GLAM photo filters that includes an optional skin-smoothing filter.

Of course, the booth also excels at standard color and B&W if you wish but this new capability creates a really fun new spin on what people have seen at other events over the past few years.

San Diego HD Photo Booth Rental - Pacific Beach

Some of our many backdrop options for the HD Photo Booth