Ilan & Karina’s B’nai Mitzvah | MC / DJ & Photo Graffiti Wall

We didn’t let off 80 fire lanterns, but two was more than enough to get everyone’s heart pounding!

Yesterday, pulse.DJ (a division of Classy Event Group) was helping celebrate with Ilan, Karina and their friends & family-it was awesome! We had tons of prizes to give away, and give them away we certainly did! We also had the Photo Graffiti Wall there for everyone to enjoy. The most fun (and stressful for some-you know who you are) part of the night was when we lit some fire lanterns and watched them fly. Once they made their way over the tree line, a collective sigh of relief was shared by all..

Thanks Ilan and Karina!

Thank you, because you did a magnificent job! You’re worth every single penny! People couldn’t stop raving about you – the adults couldn’t stop raving about you. The kids had a fantastic time! It was really really really fantastic. I can’t thank you enough.

Brenda L.