Southern California Residents:

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Reserve Your Multi Camera Array Today!

The system can scale from 6 cameras on a small arc all the way up to 36 cameras on a 20ft diameter circle truss that completely surrounds the guests. Standard delivery is via email and SMS sharing on our touchscreen. Option upgrades include custom branding on the truss structure, instant printouts of the center image, additional large slideshow screens up to 80″ or onto projection screen(s), 3D prints and red/blue anaglyphic glasses of the center pair of cameras, green screen backgrounds, custom printed curved seamless backdrops, glasses-free lenticular 3D prints, and more…
Our most popular package is as follows:
  • Camera array on curved truss structure
  • 1 24″ social sharing station
  • 1 24″ slideshow monitor
  • LED panels to illuminate guests
  • Custom digital overlay for video files
  • 1 Lead operator present during the entire event
  • Stock backdrop

Upgrade options that we recommend:

  • Instant Prints
  • Green Screen and 3D generated digital backdrop
  • Custom 10x24ft printed spandex backdrop
  • Additional live slideshow monitors
  • Light painting bullet time photos (see sample below)