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Digital Graffiti Wall Rental

It all happens in 4 easy steps that take only minutues to complete!

1. An interactive photographer takes your guest’s photo

2. That photo is instantly displayed on our  giant multitouch digital graffiti wall

3. Your guests (with a little help of our artist) turn their photo into a work of art!

4. Archival quality prints are available instantly for every guest in the photo following their session

5. Numerous social media integration options available

This is the perfect addition to any special event or promotional campaign where you’d like to give your guests a chance to show off their creativity. Better yet, have one of our incredible live artists accompany the wall and create marvelous works of art right before your guest’s eyes.
  • Photo Graffiti Wall Service Details
    • 8 foot or 10 foot wide multitouch digital graffiti wall with digital spray cans
    • One experienced interactive attendant acting as both photographer and the artist
    • Unlimited prints with your branding
    • Custom designed stamps/stencils
    • Professional online image gallery with a range of different branding and privacy options
    • Digital download of all creations from the event
  • Upgrade Options
    • Green Screen Photo Upgrade with dedicated photographer: This option employs the use of an additional team member so that one person can be dedicated to taking photos and the other is in charge of interacting with guests on the wall. This provides better photo quality, digital green screen background options, and higher guest throughput during the event
    • Social media upload station: Guests can instantly email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter their photo from our touch screen kiosk setup next to the wall.
    • Live slide show on a large screen set up next to the wall that plays a looped mix of all the creations as they are made. This is a great eye-catcher as well as a place that announcement slides and/or company/event branding can be mixed in with the photos on a set interval.
  • For more information regarding the LCD touchscreen version of our digital graffiti wall, please check out the Photo Graffiti Touch.
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